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Christmas and New Year Promotion of Fut16coin!

Dear all, Christmas and New Year is around the corner, are you excited? We are very happy to tell you that we have brought a lot of events for you guys due to the Xmas and New Year. Please read the below instructions. The Event Time? Dec 21st, 2015 – Jan 4th, 2016 What can [...]

FIFA 16 – 326 Million Matches in 16 Days

The football simulation video game “FIFA 16” developed by EA Sports may have been reviewed as inferior compared to its counterpart “Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2016” developed by Konami, but the former still has the gamer numbers compared to the latter. As if to show to “PES 2016” that it is still the more popular [...]

FIFA 16 free pack – loan players

EA has been generous enough to provide all FIFA 16 players with a nice surprise today. Upon next logging in to the game, you should see a free FIFA 16 Ultimate Loan Player pack waiting for you to open. This is the best loan pack available in the game as it will give you an [...]

Every year EA Sports are handed the thankless task of deciding ratings for champions, contenders, relegation-fodder and everyone else in between. They’re not infallible, nor do they have access to a crystal ball when making their decisions. It’s a near-impossible task to sift through every team’s performance last season and conclude whether they’re a genuine [...]

FIFA 16 Career Mode – 9 Teams You Can Have A Try

With FIFA 16 out now we’ve decided to pick out the 9 teams that we feel you have to consider for your FIFA 16 Career Mode game. We’ve tried to get a balance between teams with a solid infrastructure and teams with a lot of potential. We’ve generally stayed away from teams that will require [...]

FIFA 16 on PC

-Cheating problem has been around since FIFA 12. There has been countless number of threads, petition asking EA to do something about it, and so far nothing has been effective. Even to this day fut division is unplayable at times because you’ll be facing cheaters all the time. -The problem was so bad that a [...]

FIFA 16: Hold the Sprint Button

Folks haven’t really realized yet that pace isn’t gone completely, you just can’t hold the sprint button and expect to get past defenders. Why? Because the defenders aren’t slowed down by this thing called a futbol at their feet that they have to keep dribbling forward without losing possession, so they can just run freely [...]

FIFA 16: the “must have”

Glad to see a you here for fifa manager mode. fut16coin don’t know a lot about what the community has talked about here, but, I really have high hopes for the new FIFA game play wise. That being said, I have some issues with 15 that must be addressed in 16. -May update breaking youth [...]

The higher the interception stat of FIFA 16

I feel like there should be a happy medium between the two, if the ball is played over a long distance or too close to one of your players then the defender should challenge for the ball a randomly generated number of times. The higher the interception stat the higher the number of times an [...]

You will have different experience in FIFA 16

You know that feeling when your girlfriend/wife/mother asks you why you need the new FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) game when you already have the previous one? This time, you can tell them the game is completely different, but it’s still a ton of fun. Like its predecessors, FIFA16 is a football simulation video [...]

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