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FIFA 16: Scoring More Goals

Football matches are often decided through rare moments of magic, and these moments are goals. But if you lose your matches by fine margins, or if you want to improve on your score, we have some easy tactics to assist you with your goals. So let’s delve right in. FIFA 16 has improved shooting a [...]

FIFA 16 Team of the Week Highlights

The development team at EA Sports working on FIFA 16 makes each Team of the Week delivery for the Ultimate Team special by allowing gamers to get their hands on some of the best players of the moment, as decided by their performance in league matches that took place over the weekend. This time around, [...]

FIFA 16 Finishing XI

There’s no getting away from the fact that in football, and FIFA 16, goals are the only thing that matters. It’s a simple game and in FIFA 16 it can often come down to which side has got the better finishers. With that in mind we decided to create the best FIFA 16 Finishing XI [...]

The Essence of Team Chemistry in FIFA 16

Barely a month after its official release to the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, the football simulation video game “FIFA 16” is currently drawing positive reviews from both gamers and critics despite sub-par comparisons to Konami’s “PES 2016.” In addition to bursting with new contents, one of the most lauded features of the “FIFA [...]

FIFA 16 on PC

-Cheating problem has been around since FIFA 12. There has been countless number of threads, petition asking EA to do something about it, and so far nothing has been effective. Even to this day fut division is unplayable at times because you’ll be facing cheaters all the time. -The problem was so bad that a [...]

FIFA 16: I’ve accepted my fate

FIFA 16 is not my game. This version enhances the high pressure ability to an extent I cannot overcome. I played a game using the tactic to success but that’s not how I want to play. In years past I was able to move the ball around with a combination of different types of passes [...]

FIFA 16: Our Team Ratings Prediction

Since the season is almost reaching it’s end, here are my predictions for the next installment of FIFA. De Gea(83)- +3/+4 86/87, Tbh De Gea was pretty underrated in FiFa 15, however in 16, he’s going to be our team’s highest rated player. 86 is the most likeliest rating he’ll get in 16, however they [...]

FIFA 16: Hold the Sprint Button

Folks haven’t really realized yet that pace isn’t gone completely, you just can’t hold the sprint button and expect to get past defenders. Why? Because the defenders aren’t slowed down by this thing called a futbol at their feet that they have to keep dribbling forward without losing possession, so they can just run freely [...]

FIFA 16: the “must have”

Glad to see a you here for fifa manager mode. fut16coin don’t know a lot about what the community has talked about here, but, I really have high hopes for the new FIFA game play wise. That being said, I have some issues with 15 that must be addressed in 16. -May update breaking youth [...]

FIFA 16: Timing Mattering For Headers

I know talking about it doesn’t help, but there’s nothing wrong with criticism. I was on the EA Forums for about 3 years from FIFA 11 to 13 before just growing tired of the same shit there, and I know for a fact EA just don’t listen to the player base issues as long as [...]

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