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The really bad first touches in FIFA 16

Players take really bad first touches, pass power is weak, it doesn’t go directly at the player (misses by ages). I mean it feels incredible, but the aim and power is so bad. I’ve turned all the assists on just to be sure, still happens. It goes at the player, but misses by yards. And [...]

Crashes & Stuttering & Screen Tearing & Lag in FIFA 16

EA Sports’ next entry in the long running FIFA series, FIFA 16 is finally available however certain users are facing some issues with the PC version. For that purpose we have compiled a tech guide that may help you resolve the problems with Fifa 16 coins. Please be advised that the following methods are to [...]

You need know something about FIFA 16 Player Ratings

Another year, another FIFA. This year’s FIFA 16 is a fine addition to the series with some big tweaks to gameplay. Delve beyond the obvious changes and you’ll notice that the fine people at EA Sports have been busy tweaking the stats and numbers that every hardcore fan worries about, namely, player ratings. The way [...]

FIFA 16: Allow Seasons Team Sheets

Allow Seasons Team sheets. With Matchday team sheet being an option. When Choosing ‘Adjust position’ allow the camera to pan and zoom out to a bird’s eye view with grid lines. Let us see the opponents formation of Fifa 16 coins. Latency bar while connecting to the game. To stop colour clashes, If both players [...]

Controlled defenders of FIFA 16

One of the first patches around Christmas time definitely put AI defending in. Where before the patch, non controlled defenders wouldn’t put in tackles, they would just sort of jockey, unless you dribbled it right into them, but after it programmed them to put in a tackle from a further distance. I remember watching a [...]

The particular element of FIFA 16

If you read what I wrote, you can see that I don’t have a problem with it. However, EA only ever has less than a year to implement new features and if this particular element is their big thing and other major problems won’t be fixed or essential game features won’t be included, then I [...]

The major improvements of FIFA 16

The worst part about improving career mode is that anyone who plays career mode probably has dozens of ideas to make it better that just seem so obvious. It doesn’t even have to be major improvements, just make sure the youth academy and player growth functions properly, improve transfers and scouting networks (because that’s a [...]

FIFA 16: EA would do something different

People just dismiss the idea that EA would do something like this in a ‘game’ without really thinking about the issue in any depth and what is at stake, and end up spouting shit and trolling – it doesn’t help that the majority of players are kids either. Remember BILLIONS of dollars/pounds/euros are at stake [...]

The Career Mode of FIFA 16

Solid points all around. Looking at numerous releases over the past couple of years, it is clear that EA doesn’t actually care about its customers. For instance, taking away features…there is absolutely no reason to do this. The best example is the new nhl game, but FIFA has been doing this for years. Like in [...]

FIFA 16: Wayne Rooney’s Rating

You don’t think the fact that he’s just had a season with the lowest amount of appearances since 2002 makes a difference? You don’t think the fact that Guardiola himself even said he worries about his fitness and ability to compete at the highest level for an extended period. Besides, what’s with all this talk [...]


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