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Why is the FIFA 16 Download so small

Every other game I have Pre Ordered lets you download the full game minus a few files. Then you download them on release date so it’s just a small 5MB download so you can play straight away. Having to download the entire game on release date is stupid! Ok lets get serious. They will propably [...]

Make a fail compilation in FIFA 16

The thing is that in Fifa you can make a fail compilation with one game : Defender tackling a fast striker and his legs pass through him then goal. Goalkeeper walking in his own net or release the ball Ball going through player, goalkeepers, post. Weak and small player pushing strong defenders/midfielders Impossible controls with [...]

FIFA 16 seasons matches

I used to play a lot of seasons matches with MC. I hit a ~35 yd shot with him to win a match once, which of course was met with messages of “that was a bullshit shot, you didn’t get cheap Fifa 16 coins.” I told my opponent that he clearly had no idea how [...]


Want to get sone packs of FIFA 16

this is what we call a gambling problem. Sure now it seems harmless $400 spread out over a few months but there will come a day when packs and FUT just dont do it for you anymore and then youll move onto the next thing chasing “that feeling” and then you might find yourself in [...]