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September, 2015

FIFA 16 is the top one of UK’s best selling video game

Online bookmaker Betway make FIFA 16 the 2/5 favourite to be this year’s number one selling video game in the UK, after the latest version of football’s favourite title hit the shelves yesterday. Hundreds queued outside the Game store in thecentre:mk for the midnight launch of the latest instalment, while MK Dons attacker Carl Baker [...]

FIFA 16: Womens In The Game

Electronic Arts’ all-new “FIFA 16″ may have all the juicy modifications and updates fans didn’t get from the predecessor, but it still lacks one major element to boost its worldwide reach — the absence of Japan’s women’s team. According to The Verge, though “FIFA 16″ got the major upgrade of featuring women’s international teams — [...]

Crashes & Stuttering & Screen Tearing & Lag in FIFA 16

EA Sports’ next entry in the long running FIFA series, FIFA 16 is finally available however certain users are facing some issues with the PC version. For that purpose we have compiled a tech guide that may help you resolve the problems with Fifa 16 coins. Please be advised that the following methods are to [...]

You need know something about FIFA 16 Player Ratings

Another year, another FIFA. This year’s FIFA 16 is a fine addition to the series with some big tweaks to gameplay. Delve beyond the obvious changes and you’ll notice that the fine people at EA Sports have been busy tweaking the stats and numbers that every hardcore fan worries about, namely, player ratings. The way [...]

FIFA 16 – game changes

As soon as you are in your first UT match you are thrust back into a similar pace of previous iterations, the ball move’s around at a ferocious speed and you need all of your skill, wits and sometimes a bit of fortune to win. But one fundamental thing – the ‘game changer’ in my [...]

How to score goals in FIFA 16

I score from long shots quite regularly (Draxler, De Bruyne, Reus, Benteke and Pogba are quite good), as well as from through balls with Lukaku and Benteke finishing most things. I’m also pretty good at corners and crosses in general (again, Benteke is good at that.) However, I NEVER score free-kicks. In my fourth season [...]

FIFA 16: Allow Seasons Team Sheets

Allow Seasons Team sheets. With Matchday team sheet being an option. When Choosing ‘Adjust position’ allow the camera to pan and zoom out to a bird’s eye view with grid lines. Let us see the opponents formation of Fifa 16 coins. Latency bar while connecting to the game. To stop colour clashes, If both players [...]

FIFA 16: spread the defense

Build-up play would be great because that’s how it works, for the most part, in real life. Yeah there are definitely some amazing counters but in general there is some good build up going on to spread the defense with Fifa 16 coins, etc. fut16coin doesn’t play many online matches because FIFA 15 is my [...]

How do you feel about FIFA 16 scripting

I don’t think you know what scripting means, what you’re describing is a predetermined outcome. Script as in coding, not movie script. Scripting is changing the code to affect the odds of something happening. Say you’re down 1 goal, late in the game. I personally believe the cpu will enhance your odds of scoring, whether [...]

Controlled defenders of FIFA 16

One of the first patches around Christmas time definitely put AI defending in. Where before the patch, non controlled defenders wouldn’t put in tackles, they would just sort of jockey, unless you dribbled it right into them, but after it programmed them to put in a tackle from a further distance. I remember watching a [...]

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