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August, 2015

FIFA 16 Women Football Team

The addition of women’s national teams in FIFA 16 has generated plenty of buzz around this year’s instalment. There had been calls for the introduction of women’s football in FIFA games for many years, and after the hype around the recent FIFA Women’s World Cup in Canada, the time was right to introduce it. It [...]


FIFA 16 seasons matches

I used to play a lot of seasons matches with MC. I hit a ~35 yd shot with him to win a match once, which of course was met with messages of “that was a bullshit shot, you didn’t get cheap Fifa 16 coins.” I told my opponent that he clearly had no idea how [...]


FIFA 16: you will be experiencing and misconstruing

You can come up with many reasons for it. Just like you could come up with many explanations for what you are experiencing and misconstruing as a “handicap”. Don’t forget I used to defend this position. And to an extent sometimes I find myself thinking it’s there. But then logic takes over. The evidence for [...]


FIFA 16 manager mode imagination

I know its been said over and over, but the harsh reality is simply that EA’s interests do not lie in making Career Mode better. While they say they improve it each year, relative to UT, they gradually make it worse. Whilst I don’t see it happening in the immediate future, long term I wouldn’t [...]


Want to get sone packs of FIFA 16

this is what we call a gambling problem. Sure now it seems harmless $400 spread out over a few months but there will come a day when packs and FUT just dont do it for you anymore and then youll move onto the next thing chasing “that feeling” and then you might find yourself in [...]


How do you get your coins in FUT 16

I used to do this method that worked really really well. For example, if the price of SIF Isco is around 50k, I would buy around 10-15 of him at 50k (depends on how much I got to invest). I then relist him for around 55-60k, I just keep reposting him at different prices during [...]


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