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FIFA 16: defending isn’t broken

I know how to defend. Lol im not a shitty player. fut16coin just prefer a slower paced brand of football and not this arcadey shit games you get so often on FuT. Anyway what im talking about is mainly from the kickoff. Against good players they can penetrate pretty far into ur defense which is unrealistic . You shouldnt concede ANY goals like this ever bc IRL it never happens.

I use to concede these all the time but now I do maybe once every 30 games. The key is to run back with your cam or cm right away and have your AI press the guy with the ball. Then you need to always stay on the inside of him, he’ll try to cut inside and when he does its easy to take the ball off him

In all honesty, defending isn’t broken. Sure its harder against fast attackers but instead of having to chase them, if you developed your interceptions and anticipation, you’d have a simple time defending. I use a center back pairing of Kompany and SIF Jags and I’m yet to find a pace abuser who can beat them. Remarkable tackling and strength on both of them. I absolutely LOVE that they’re focussing more on defense next year. I couldn’t be more excited. Also I appreciate that you included positives about the next game rather than the usual “EAids” “FIFA 16 looks shit” etc.

On what grounds? I am excited for FIFA 16 especially if the whole balance thing is true. I like playing nice football on 15 but often come up against people who value pace to the extreme and try run through etc.
My point is that Pace will always be a nice stat to have. If you have a player who is 80 pace and a player who is 62 pace with similar stats elsewhere you choose the 80. Pace is important in real football and FIFA should reflect that however yes I do think it needs to be toned down for 16.

Fifa 16 is going to be funny at first, seeing how those ppl who don’t actually know how to play a football game struggle and cry because they cannot zigzag and abuse aubameyang and chip through balls whilst I get to division 1 in a breeze playing ‘Beautiful football’ (Pelé voice from trailer)

Pace variances between players has been tweaked along with the improved defensive AI for 16. Going to make the abuse players a lot less abusive.
My fear for 16 at this stage is a little bit too much ‘parity’ between the best and worst players. Is the AI going to make the good defenders and the best defenders too similar? Is it going to be death by tiki-taka instead?