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FIFA 16: the game will be out soon

If I was coming in fresh in this fray, I’d probably be head over heels with all things being stated by Konami.

PES has been a constant part of my life since Winning Eleven 4 – and the game will be out before I remember what year was that. Then you must add to the mix my obsessiveness with the franchise since late 2012, when the first words about PES 2014 (launched on August or September of 2013) were out.

That said, I’ve seen it all. A revamped ML? Back then they released on Japanese magazines pictures of a ML fictional journal, much like what we have on FIFA. A complete overhaul of my beloved game mode is long being promised.

They did put a lot of effort on PES 2014, but the game was rushed and released clearly before completion just to beat FIFA on the launch date – or at least that what was leaked by some blogs with Fifa coins. They did even bring Maceron (not sure about the spelling; I’m on mobile) from ubisoft to shake things up, but he dropped the stick and kicked the door after the whole ordeal.

And there’s this word going about backstage, that Konami will cease development of games to consoles and focus on mobile gaming from now on. PES will go on only on Android and iOS with that myClub thing. P.T. and Kojima being treated the way we saw just this year doesn’t help them in this regard.

And now comes pes 2016. It may be just me, but I can’t shake off the thought that it plays a lot like pes 2015 after all those gameplay patches. And it looks a lot like it too.

I’m really feeling empty handed in football games. FIFA doesn’t hit it home to me

You’re right that words don’t mean anything, look at FIFA 15 with the hype about next-gen goalies and then they ended up being probably the worst goalies i’ve ever seen. I still trust Konami more to deliver than EA even with all the turmoil and problems Konami has had. I too would be extremely disappointed if FIFA was left the sole football game, competition is always healthy. I think all we can hope for is both companies make better and better games to compete with the other.

Edit: and also just to mention i also agree that PES 2016 resembles PES 2015 but I kind of see it as a sort of 2.0 version, polishing up the core game which i personally enjoyed a ton.