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Make a fail compilation in FIFA 16

The thing is that in Fifa you can make a fail compilation with one game :
Defender tackling a fast striker and his legs pass through him then goal.
Goalkeeper walking in his own net or release the ball
Ball going through player, goalkeepers, post.

Weak and small player pushing strong defenders/midfielders
Impossible controls with broken legs
Player getting injuried at full form, grab their leg, stand and run 2 seconds later in the cutscene.

Penalties hitting the bar and going in because keepers refuse to do anything
You need to tackle 10 time the same player because he always has the rebound.

I don’t know, I think 2% is too low and 25% is too high (figures you’ve posited).

But remember that there’s another human being with another controller in their hands as well. Two video gamers, one who is as skilled in defending headers as the other is in converting headers, should get outcomes in the game that approximate a similar situation in real life.

This is virtually impossible to verify of course.
So we end up with people who cry “scripting” or “luck” when it happens to them, but who chalk it up to their own talents when it works for them. Toss in some recency bias, some r/FIFA groupthink, and some confirmation bias, and we end up here.

It doesn’t help that EA Sports does a poor job in explaining what’s going on under the door, if at all.

Well, we’ll never know, so you don’t have to worry about losing any money.
Again, I’ll emphasize that the real life comparison matters only so far as we accept the assumption that the guy controlling Kompany is just as skilled in defending headers as the guy controlling Sterling is at converting headers with cheap Fifa 16 coins. If the guy controlling Sterling is (pardon the pun) heads and shoulders above the guy controlling Kompany, then we should expect the outcome to deviate from what we would see in real life between Kompany and Sterling.

I play on the weekends in a pickup game that regularly runs in my town. I also used to play in a more organized league when I was in the military, in which half the teams were from the German military, and I catch a few BPL and Bundesliga games each year on television and about 5-8 Sounders games in person.

We’ve gotten to the point where we’re talking in absolutes about hypothetical events, so there’s really nowhere to go from here.