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FIFA 16 expands career mode


The expanded Career Mode now includes fan requested player training and drills, focusing on up-and-comers, to promote team building and discourage team buying.

All new pre-season tournaments also train your team and make money. New mini-games will enhance certain player stats. However, FIFA 16 will keep it in check; Neymar will never be a goalie, regardless of training.

FIFA 16 also expanded the playability, balancing the mid-field for better control and confidence. With this, players can now delegate ball movement with footless dribbling to gain free Fifa coins over defense more deliberately. Keepers now have more power than earlier versions, adding to the defense-offense balance.

And after winning the game, celebrate with over 900 crowd chants in 9 new stadiums with dynamic weather.

The changes and added features to FIFA 16 seem well received by its fans.