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FIFA 16 manager mode imagination

I know its been said over and over, but the harsh reality is simply that EA’s interests do not lie in making Career Mode better.

While they say they improve it each year, relative to UT, they gradually make it worse.

Whilst I don’t see it happening in the immediate future, long term I wouldn’t be surprised if EA split the game modes all together, perhaps releasing Ultimate Team as a stand alone game mode.

As much as we’d all want to see an Online Career mode be implemented into FIFA, EA recognize that not only would it likely be difficult to improve your Fifa 16 account, it would also draw attention away from their largest cash cow – Ultimate Team, and that is something EA just want to do.

The future looks grim for career mode, and our best bet is to hope and pray another company comes along and produces a Career Mode that rivals those of the past. If it can match, and perhaps surpass what PES Master League was in the early 2000′s that would be amazing.

In regards to how the AI play, that is a huge problem that needs to be addressed. Lower League teams can match the quality of the worlds best, and that is simply not acceptable – A League Two side shouldn’t be able to keep possession as well as Barcelona, and regardless of team quality, the AI should not be able to simply “cheap Fifa 16 coins“, basically not allowing you to touch the ball for most of the game and fouling as they please whilst even the slightest of bumps from your end results in a booking.

As has been said in this subreddit a few times before, whilst it is difficult to emulate real FIFA players (People playing the game), and I realise that, the “Legendary” difficulty should be similar to playing against a Pro FIFA player, not 11 Ronaldo’s with impeccable balance and passing.
For now, rant over.