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July, 2015

How to get coins in FIFA 16

Are the comments being “understood” though? I’m not too sure where I stand. As someone who can’t afford to pay for FP’s I’m forced to play games anyway, then trade up through low-rated golds an a couple of weeks ago I finally managed to start IF trading. Bought and sold Shawcross a few times and [...]

Silver Community TOTS Thread of FIFA 16

Welcome to the official Silver Community TOTS thread. I am happy to announce that this is where the community can put forward its suggestions on who you believe should be included with the Fifa 16 coins pc. Please check the rules below before making suggestions and try and be civil in discussion. Our deadline: July [...]

FIFA 16: Improvements to Ultimate Team

Pay For Play: To encourage smart football (soccer) instead of using pacey players to get a goal. Extra coins for Dominating a game (shots on goal, possession,passing, high chance shooting), extra coins and player boost for winning consecutive games and titles. Team Identity: Fifa needs more of this in all game modes. Team identity is [...]

FIFA 16: the Guinea Pigs

I think all of us tried to make some sense out of all the changes and decisions EA took in regards to our beloved and be hated FUT 15. It’s human nature! Let’s try to extract the logic behind actions so we can understand what’s going on and what’s gonna be. But after the last [...]